Reform Principles

 Hope Street Group recognizes that one of our greatest challenges is the global competitiveness gap between the U.S. and the world's best systems, and the underlying opportunity gap between the education provided in our best and worst performing schools. We aim to connect educators and business professionals with the education policy community, developing solutions to address these gaps and improve P-12 education systems in the United States.

By establishing common ground on the essential elements of reform policy, we can move forward with purpose and clarity, leveraging "what's working now" with the energy and vision of new voices in the policy process.

The Hope Street Group Pre-K through 12th-grade platform is based on five principles. We agree on the following:

  • Targets: Every child should enter school equipped to embark upon a lifetime of learning and should graduate high school prepared for college work.
  • Talent: Every Pre-K through 12th grade educator and administrator should have the support and training they need to be effective.
  • Tools: Performance tracking should be a core element of every program, Pre-K through 12th grade.
  • Responsibility: Families, communities, and schools must take responsibility by providing the foundation and support necessary to help all children succeed.
  • Innovation: The education research engine should be dramatically expanded and improved, enabling states to scale successful programs through R&D, the generation and distribution of best practices, and the implementation of systems that put it all together.

Education Playbook

Home base for teacher evaluation reform, the Teacher Evaluation Playbook is a website that features resources, examples, and best practices for both education officials and teachers. Discover new ideas, contribute your own, and get involved!