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It’s Right Under Your Nose …

Posted by Dan Cruce on 10.31.14

Let me start with a very simple statement: we overcomplicate K-12 education. We build bureaucracies, systems, technology, rewards, consequences, for-profits, nonprofits, etc.

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Keeping Young Teachers in the Classroom

Posted by Leslie Toy on 10.27.14

I teach 8th grade and I am 24. When I started in the classroom two years ago, I was not even a decade older than my students. Responses to new, young teachers can be mildly amusing, like when field trip docents ask where the teacher is when I am standing four feet away from them.

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Geography is NOT Destiny: Charter Schools and Choice

Posted by Brandy Price on 10.20.14

Elana’s mom drives past four different schools to get to ours. “It’s a lot of driving,” she says, “but Elana has a home here.” It has not been an easy journey.

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What I Learned in My Graduate Education Program

Posted by Jonathon Medeiros on 09.15.14

What I learned in my graduate education program: if you want to be a teacher, watch a teacher. Let them watch you. A lot. 

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Common Core Can Develop Our Students' Global Competency

Posted by Melissa Blair Tracy on 08.07.14

In my classroom, a poster with a map of North America states “we are not alone.” Every day, I remind my students that they are, in fact, “not alone in the world,” meaning they are a part of a global community.

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