Hope Street Group’s Education Program seeks to transform the teaching profession to improve outcomes for students. How? By changing the way we support educators and by creating the right incentives to produce outstanding student outcomes.
Our Education Program features collaborative, crowd-sourced solutions that bring together new voices, world-class talent and modern tools. We tap the most experienced people in education, with leading involvement from teachers themselves. From identifying innovations to engaging practitioners, documenting results and fostering the spread of good ideas, the Hope Street Group approach is sparking the widespread change we so urgently need.
Policy Convening: Through unique and bipartisan events, Hope Street Group convenes our diverse network of leaders to focus on developing bold, evidence-based solutions and identifying and quickly adapting the structural changes needed.
National Teacher Fellows Program: The Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellows Program is a highly competitive opportunity for classroom teachers and school instructional coaches from across the country to serve as Hope Street Group ambassadors for change. Our Fellows are leaders among their peers and are passionate about contributing their ideas and expertise to help shape education reform.
State Proof Points via State Teacher Fellows Program: Hope Street Group helps inform states about the implementation and the intersection of performance management systems and common core state standards by providing them with actionable solutions data from teachers’ own experiences.
Tech-Enabled Platforms: Hope Street Group creates tools to help the education community implement key reforms and practices. Our Teacher Evaluation Playbook has been used by various states to help implement reforms.
Hope Street Group has seen firsthand the positive power teacher voice can have on shaping education policy. Involvement of teachers is essential because they are directly impacted by education reform. A system created without teacher input and support will therefore struggle and most likely fail over time.
Our state work is focused on teacher engagement, with the State Teacher Fellowship at the core. Our State Teacher Fellows have the unique opportunity and responsibility to learn, lead and act as ambassadors to transform the teaching profession and improve outcomes for students. They champion innovative policy solutions, encourage teacher growth and collaboration, share teacher ideas and perspectives, and meet with community leaders to inspire real change in their own communities and at national decision-making levels.
"It takes ordinary people, willing to take on extraordinary challenges, to make a difference in the world.”~ Randy Barrette, 2013 Hope Street Group KY Teacher Fellow

Our Fellowship programs consist of teachers and coaches who serve as spokespeople for positive change in their profession through connecting with other teachers, and local and national policymakers.

Better teacher evaluations lead to great teachers. Read all about it in “Using Open Innovation to Improve Teacher Evaluation Systems,” crafted by a team of top educators and professionals.

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Careers are a funny thing. My grandfather once told me that if you find the thing you love to do and you do that for a living, you will never work a day in your life. He was right.

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