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Hope Street Group represents a different way of thinking and acting on public policy. Fiercely bipartisan and relentlessly focused on evidence and results, we consider ourselves a coalition of the reasonable, welcoming members of all political stripes.

We focus on the structural underpinnings of our economy: education, health and employment. We need an excellent educational system to ensure future generations can compete. We need to realign economics of the health system to control costs, improve care, and promote prevention. And we need to get the unemployed back to work.

Hope Street Group promotes collaborative problem solving and brings thinkers together from every corner of the country.

Here’s how we work:

Crowd-Source: We convene politicians and practitioners in-person and online, giving them a safe space to share ideas with each other and learn from reformers.

Catalyze, Test and Hone: We test our ideas in the real world, gathering feedback and data, assessing results and honing projects.

Document and Disseminate: We share and aggressively promote the best ideas, putting actionable plans for reform into the hands of those with the will and the power to implement them. 

HSG in 2014: A Recap of Our Goals and Beginnings

Posted by Ted Meisel on 04.28.14

As many of you know, we have been undertaking a national search for Hope Street Group's next CEO, and recently announced that Martin Scaglione has accepted our offer to join us as President and CEO.

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Engaging Teachers in Policy Development

Posted by Maureena Thompson on 04.16.14

Public-Private Partnerships: Powerful Potential

Posted by Trevor Ostbye on 06.27.14

In the United States, Jobs & Workforce efforts have historically been conduc

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Economic Opportunity Index

What impacts your lifetime earning potential in America today? How do you compare to your peers? And how does your state stack up? Find out with our Economic Opportunity Index.

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