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Hope Street Group is a national nonpartisan organization committed to engaging new participants in public policy to innovate ways to expand economic opportunity for all Americans and prosperity for our nation..

Tired of loud, angry rhetoric? Looking for voices of reason to resolve our most pressing problems?

In this time of great challenge for our nation, Hope Street Group offers a different approach. We are fiercely nonpartisan, collaborative, and relentlessly focused on evidence and results. Our starting point isn’t ideology; rather, it’s a clear understanding of how people and systems behave and how they can change.

Don’t wait for change. Start making change now with Hope Street Group. Together we can find and drive smart solutions to ensure America’s future prosperity.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Give your time and brainpower to the Hope Street Group cause.
  • Open doors to others who might contribute time and resources.
  • Support our work financially.

Hope Street Group Events

There are currently no events scheduled. Email us for more information on ways you can become involved in our future events.


Wondering where your private collaboration space went?  Here it is.  Login with the same username and password that you used before.

Economic Opportunity Index

What impacts your lifetime earning potential in America today? How do you compare to your peers? And how does your state stack up? Find out with our Economic Opportunity Index.

Economic Opportunity Index

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