Our Purpose

Hope Street Group is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunity and prosperity for all Americans. Founded in 2003 by young entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, we are committed to mobilizing the tremendous untapped ability outside of government—creative business minds, nonprofit heads, and experienced practitioners in key fields—to help our leaders tackle the tough economic challenges our nation faces. We consider ourselves a coalition of the reasonable, welcoming members of all political stripes, and are dedicated to finding and driving smart solutions to ensure America’s future prosperity.

Strengthening Our Foundations

No economy can be robust and healthy if its structural underpinnings—education, health, and employment systems—are weakened. We need an excellent educational system to ensure that future generations can compete in an increasingly complex global work environment. We need to realign the economics of a health care system whose unsustainable cost increases threaten both national and family budgets as well as burden small businesses, dampening their growth. And we need to make sure that we are making the right moves to successfully get unemployed workers back into jobs.

Bureaucracies Don’t Make Change—People Do

Big change comes when individuals move their feet. “Systems” are composed of people, and human behavior is driven by incentives—whether it’s tangible, like a bigger and better paycheck, or intangible, like the public acknowledgment of a job well done. Taking an objective look at our foundering structural systems reveals that we are often failing to reward the right things on a human level. Sometimes we’re even rewarding the wrong things.

  • We fail to reward our best and brightest for entering the teaching profession, and we fail to reward teachers for what matters most: good classroom outcomes.
  • We pay health care providers according to how many procedures they perform, leading to unnecessary tests and services, rather than for delivering better patient outcomes at lower costs.
  • We fund an unemployment system that takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach and does not precisely and quickly identify what is needed to help individuals get a job or keep one.

Hope Street Group's prevailing belief is that the incentives that shape human and organizational behavior can be the point of greatest impact in addressing some of our nation's most complicated problems. When we get those incentives right, effective innovations can spread to become a driving force throughout our education, health care, and employment systems.